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On March 1, 2023, Archroma announced the completion of its acquisition of Huntsman Textile Effects. As we transition towards integration, this is an interim website of the Textile Effects solutions.

For more information on Archroma, visit:

3 reasons for inkjet direct printing on polyester

Polyester fabrics are hugely popular and practical that continue to find new uses and new markets. After long dominating the technical textile industry, it is rapidly taking over the modern fashion, sportswear and furnishings sectors thanks to its durability, crease-resistance and outstanding quick-drying properties, as well as its cost-competitiveness against cotton. Currently, there…

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How Brands Deliver More with Less

For a long time, there was a clear trade-off between sustainability and profitability, but that is no longer the case. Innovative new technologies, products and processes are balancing the equation in favor of environment-friendly business practices. Textile brands and mills now recognize that there are rewards, such as cost savings by conserving energy,…

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Our Guide to Sustainability Gains

Consumers, investors and regulators now expect apparel and textile brands and retailers to set and meet bold sustainability targets. This requires bold change at the mill level. But how can mills do what’s needed while also improving performance and profitability? Archroma Textile Effects’ longstanding Productivity Improvement Program (PIP) and Sustainability Improvement…

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PFAS have an Achilles’ heel

Debates about durable water repellency (DWR) will not die down. It is no surprise that it featured on the Textile Discovery Summit that the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) organized in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the start of October. Dr Kiarash Arangdad, the director of emerging chemistries at Elevate Textiles, spoke at…

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How to deliver truly eco-friendly natural tones

The colors of nature, like sand, beige, brown, olive, khaki and grey, have been increasingly popular for apparel and home furnishings for several years now. These wholesome shades are expected to remain a key trend as they reflect growing appreciation of the natural world and people’s desire to feel calm and relaxed. Consumers…

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Sustainable solutions do not necessarily add costs

Questions: 1. At the moment, every new development, every new product should also be sustainable and environmentally friendly. What is your approach to a greener world in the finishing processes of textiles? Huntsman Textile Effects is proud to have long been an agent of change in our industry—working closely with textile mills and brands to find…

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Staying Ahead of the Curve

Sustainability-related topics are becoming a priority for government regulators and the buying public, and the global apparel and textile industry is embracing cleaner and more transparent supply chains. Innovative chemistries play a key role—both to ensure brands and mills can adhere to current restrictions on dyes, chemicals and textile articles and to help them stay…

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